Start Strong, Finish Stronger

Stephanie, aka The Cookie Runner, started running in 2012 with the goal of being a role model of a healthy and active woman for her daughters. Since then, she has participated in over 100 racing events covering distances from 5K to 50K, with the half marathon being her favorite distance. As of 2019, Stephanie is an RRCA (Road Runner’s Club of America) certified running coach.


The most common question asked is “How did you come up with ‘The Cookie Runner’?” The name comes from trying to raise money for a charity run by baking cookies. And, yes, cookies are very much loved and appreciated.


For the number lovers

5K PR: 24:40 at the 2014 Rock n Roll Chicago 5K

Half Marathon PR: 1:53:35 at the 2018 305 Half Marathon

Full Marathon PR: 3:52:53 at the 2016 Chicago Marathon

Number of races ran: 112


2018 Races

January 28: Miami Half Marathon

February 24: Disney's Princess 10K

February 25: Disney's Princess Half Marathon

March 4: 305 Half Marathon

June 9: Asheville Half Marathon

October 7: Chicago Marathon

December 9: Islamorada Half Marathon

December 16: MIA 5K iRun x lululemon


2019 Races

January 27: Miami Half Marathon

February 24: Disney’s Princess Half Marathon

March 3: 305 Half Marathon

May 11: ALS Lou Gehrig’s 10K

June 2: Twilight 5K

July 4: 4th of July 5K

August: Seawheeze Virtual Half Marathon

September 29: Chicago Half Marathon

November 16: Richmond Half Marathon